Khaby Lame is at the top of the world (if TikTok followers are the world). After attending VidCon, and surpassing Charli d'Amelio as TikToker's most-followed TikToker then, the Italian-Senegalese comedian signed up as an ambassador for Binance.

Binance is the largest platform for trading and buying cryptocurrencies in the world. Binance has partnered with Cristiano Ronaldo, a soccer star who wants to "change NFT."

These partnerships are highly publicized and come at a difficult time for crypto. The popular cryptocurrency TerraUSD crashed in May. This meant that everyone who had invested in it lost their entire investment.

In the face of the macroeconomic downturn, cryptocurrency companies such as Coinbase,, and BlockFi have had to lay off employees, which has resulted in the top cryptocurrencies' prices dropping as much as 35% each week.

Anyone invested in cryptocurrency feels nervous unless they are so bullish that they don't mind Bitcoin dropping to $20,000 in today's price. It could not be good for creators to encourage their followers to use Binance.

Khaby Lame has not been stopped by this, however. He posted today a video to his followers -- which is 145 million on TikTok and 78 million on Instagram -- in the footage, he portrays himself as a Binance-branded hero, saving the day when a friend writes, "WTF IS web3??". On "Boogle,"

Lame became an internet celebrity for his humorous videos that simplify complicated life hacks. He speaks only by flipping his hands open as if to say, "Look, it's fixed!" Binance stated in a press release that Lame would use the TikTok format for videos about web3 to simplify complicated concepts for his followers.

He rarely speaks, so it may be difficult to do this in his videos. Lame stated that he considers his followers to be like a family and is always open to new challenges and sharing interesting content with them. Binance is a leader in web3, and I was curious for a while.

It aligns perfectly with my usual work: making complex stuff simple and enjoyable for everyone.

Lame also spoke out on emerging technology, and possibly fleeting ones, by partnering with Meta to promote the metaverse -- he was featured in a video about the corporate accounts of the tech giant alongside Mark Zuckerberg.

Both Khaby Lame (brand ambassador) and Cristiano Ronaldo (trade and buy NFTs). Pearpop, backed by Alexis Ohanian and Mark Cuban, believes web3 can be the engine of the future creator economy.

Some industry veterans think the space is too volatile right now to trust. Hank Green, a long-time YouTuber, said, "I am very bearish about NFTs personally" at VidCon last Wednesday.

But he laughed that he might be wrong since he believed YouTube would never support HD videos. Later, he added that he didn't want to sell anyone something that wasn't valuable.

The reputation of brands promoted by creators can dramatically impact their trust. However, brand deals are almost inevitable for creators looking to make a steady income.

Creators aren't getting enough compensation from TikTok alone, especially as creator fund payouts are shrinking.

Binance must be spending a lot of cash with ambassadors like Lame, Ronaldo, and Ronaldo. But, for these stars, this payment can lead to outrage and pushback down the line.