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Beyoncé Edits Two Songs On Renaissance After Huge Criticism

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Beyonce isn't immune to this cycle of outrage. 

Even though Renaissance, her critically-acclaimed album, is only a week old, Beyonce has already changed place to two songs following a social media backlash.

Kelis got into a heated argument with the singer after she interpolated a portion from her 2003 hit "Milkshake" in "Energy" without any credits. 

Kelis wrote in an Instagram comment that she heard the story the same way as everyone else. The interpolation was removed as of Wednesday.

Original lyrics to the song "Heated" featured the same ableist slur as Lizzo's tweets a few weeks back. 

Three days after the album was released, it was reported that Beyonce would replace the word. 

On Wednesday, the song's lyrics were changed from "sp***in on that ass" to "blastin' on that ass" (on YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify). However, the old version is still available on Spotify.