Best iPhone Apps To Download In July 2022

Nearly 2 million apps are available in the App Store. Choosing which apps you want to install on your iPhone can be difficult. 

Our top picks for apps in key categories will help you decide which apps you should have on your iPhone.

These apps are our favorites. They cover photo editing, messaging, organizing, staying organized, and more.

This list has been broken into several relevant categories so that you can easily browse the types of apps that interest you most.

For Dating: 1. Filter Off 2. Bumble 3. Grindr

For Health and fitness: 1. Carrot Fit 2. Strava 3. Calm 4. Seven: 7 Minute Workout

For Photography: 1. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor 2. Slow Shutter Cam 3. Facetune2

For Music and podcasts: 1. Pandora 2. TuneIn Radio 3. Spotify

For Food And Gaming: 1. Grubhub 2. Whisk 3. Tasty 4. Twitch 5. Strafe Esports

For News And Reading: 1. Flipboard 2. Google News 3. The New York Times 4. Readly 5. Kindle 6. Audible

For Utilities and customization: 1. AfterShip Package Tracker 2. Bitwarden 3. Dark Sky Weather 4. Dropbox

For Communication and messaging: 1.WhatsApp 2. Messenger 3. Snapchat

Streaming Video And Social Media Apps: 1. Instagram 2. Facebook 3. Twitter 4. TikTok 5. YouTube 6. Netflix 7. Disney+ 8. Hulu

Payment and Money Management iPhone Apps: 1. Acorns 2. Venmo 3. YNAB (You Need a Budget)

Best iPhone Apps For Going Out, Travel And Shopping: 1. TripAdvisor 2. Google Maps 3. Ibotta 4. Uber 5. Amazon 6. eBay