5 Best Indie Games You Must Add In Your Wishlist Now!

5 more games you won't have heard of, but you will be glad you did. These are not endorsements, as most games are still in development mode. 

Arctic Awakening It's a first-person narrative adventure after a plane crashes in the Arctic. You're only accompanied by an apparently useless hovering AI drone thing.

You are on the hunt for your missing copilot and a way home. But something is very strange in those parts. Check out the trailer on youtube by searching "Arctic Awakening - Story Trailer."

 I’m Not Jelly These top-down roguelikes' frantic-action roguelikes may not be rare. Still, they combine all that violence with bright, joyful colors and silly fun. 

It's so bright! It makes me want more health bars. Check out the trailer on youtube by searching "I’m Not Jelly - Gameplay Trailer."

Cynthia: Hidden In The Moonshadow This is not a hidden object game for mobile. Instead, it's a stunning third-person adventure that almost looks like it was set in a 3D Proteus. 

Although the trailer doesn't show much, this is described as a "stealth game." Check out the trailer on youtube by searching "Cynthia: Hidden In The Moonshadow - Official Story Gameplay Trailer."

The Machine That Breathes The 2D survival horror game "The Machine That Breathes" draws inspiration from System Shock and Resident Evil. 

It then presents the world through a glitchy, pixel world where running away is far more effective than confronting it. Check out the trailer on youtube by searching "The Machine That Breathes - Trailer."

Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire If you gave me fifteen guesses about Voltaire: the Vegan Vampire, that would be your sixteenth guess.

Voltaire, Dracula's lastborn and most likely his biggest disappointment, is a man who gives up human flesh in favor of...plant flesh. 

So you farm during the day (presumably with a thick hood) but must fight off your dad’s minions who want to see your plant-based lifestyle ruined at night.

Check out the trailer on youtube by searching "Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire Trailer."