Today's optical illusion or brain bending image is challenging. The glimpse of image is given below. You've to spot 2 sneakers in this image.

This image looks just like any other sandy shore. It is filled with parasols and towels from vacationing families.

Note down your time and try to solve this challenge.  We've also covered answer at the end.

You might become a record-holder if you can find them quickly enough within 66 seconds.

The challenge might stump you, but only 30 percent of participants were able to find one shoe within 50 seconds.

These sneakers are brightly colored, making them difficult to spot in the busy scene. There will be flip-flops and bright-red crabs everywhere, but they shouldn't distract you.

HINT: This might make things a little easier: one of the sneakers is in the top left corner of the image. You'll see it at the intersection of some towels. For 2nd sneaker and answer, check out next slide