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Australia Urges Apple, Meta, Microsoft Share Anti-abuse Steps, Threatens Fines

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An Australian regulator issued legally-binding letters to Meta, Apple Inc, and Microsoft Corp,

Demanding they share their strategies to stamp out content that promotes child abuse on their platforms or risk penalties.

A spokesperson for Microsoft, who owns the video-calling service Skype, confirmed that the company was aware of the letter and was planning to answer within 28 calendar days.

 A spokesperson from Meta says the company is looking over the letter. Still, it continued to "proactively engage with the eSafety Commissioner regarding the important concerns."

Apple, which owns the videos messaging platform FaceTime and iMessage, a messaging service and photo storage service iCloud, did not immediately respond to an email asking for comments.

If a company fails to reply within 28 days of receiving the notice, they will each face a penalty of up to A$555,000 ($383,000) daily. 

The eSafety Commissioner mentioned data from the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Kids. 

This year, it received 29.1 million complaints of child abuse from online companies. Of  these, only 160 came from Apple, while 22 million came from Facebook.