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Astronomers Discovered Biggest Black Hole Jet (50 Times Larger Than Its Galaxy)

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Black holes are well-known for their ability to consume light and matter.

Some of them also emit the same amount of light and matter outward. 

This is called a "black hole jet." Scientists at Western Sydney University discovered the largest jet ever. 

This stream of white-hot plasma, which spans more than a million miles from one end to the other, is 50 times bigger than the entire galaxy.

This massive jet is part of NGC2663, a supermassive black hole located at the galaxy's center. It is approximately 93 million light years away from our galaxy. 

The jet was discovered by astronomers who observed it with the CSIRO. 

This indicates that there is enough matter in intergalactic space around this galaxy.

This jet reduces the intergalactic matter supply to galaxies. This discovery could help us to unravel some mysteries about black hole jets.