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Artemis 1: 10 Astonishing Facts About The Nasa Moon Mission

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The Artemis 1 mission is going on an exciting journey toward the moon. 

NASA intends to test the limits of technology in preparation to launch the Artemis 2 crewed mission around the moon and launch the Artemis 3 landing mission.

The agency hopes that its Artemis program will eventually assist in setting new systems to explore Mars. 

Here are a few crazy things the moon mission hopes to achieve on the uncrewed tests.

Fact 1: It will be the most powerful rocket NASA has ever built Fact 2: It's NASA's first big step towards Mars

Fact 3: It will go deeper into space than Apollo  Fact 4: The Spacecraft Will Fly For More Than A Month

Fact 5: Amazon's Alexa is one of the passengers on board the Orion spacecraft. Fact 6: The First Solar-Powered Human Spacecraft Will Fly To The Moon

Fact 7: Snoopy is also on the board Fact 8: The Spacecraft Will Host Three Simulated Humans: Mannequins