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Areal Flood Advisories In Effect For Pima And Santa Cruz Counties

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The strongest storms are moving into the Tucson metropolitan region from the south. 

T-storms can be capable of producing destructive outflow wind and heavy rain. They can also cause regular lightning and localized flooding.

A Flood Advisory is in effect for the southwest part of Tucson, including Tucson Estates, Drexel Heights, Valencia West & Ryan Airfield. 

Strong storms have brought 1" of rain to the area, and some flooding is also occurring. If you're travelling, make sure you slow down when driving through the rain.

A busy monsoon week in the coming weeks.

We will likely see more rain and storms later today; however, after having been worked over yesterday, the timing of these events is difficult to pinpoint. 

If morning clouds clear rapidly, we may see an increase in clouds during the afternoon. In other cases, it could be nighttime or even overnight.

The Flash Flood Watch has been extended until Tuesday, with imminent rain and storms expected to cause flash flooding in certain areas.

The highs will remain close to or even below average for most days.