Are You Rational Or Not? This Optical Illusion Has Answer

The image below can also reveal your personality traits. This image can reveal if you are rational or not. Check out the optical illusion image below to see if you're a rational person.

This image depicts a stunning nightscape and is very dreamy. The sky is filled with stars and the moon. There are also small lanterns that look like people and people ice skating.

If you saw Angels/Flying People in your first impression: You are a daydreamer. You love to imagine what you want and then work towards achieving it. 

You are also a planner, and you know that planning is important. Although you have a logical mind, you are more creative.

If you saw Stars in your first impression: You are an achiever. You are a natural leader who sets high goals and achieves them. 

Both your creative and logical brains work perfectly together for you. Both your creative and logical brains are equally effective for you.

If you saw Ice skaters in your first impression: If you have seen ice skaters, your rational brain always drives you. You are observant and aware of what is happening around you. 

You are adamant about the truth and will not believe anything you don't see. You are a believer in black and white and want to avoid grey.

Experts believe that skaters can be seen as "big-picture thinkers." They see beyond the limitations of others' visions and are rational at the same moment.