This optical illusion image will reveal if you are confident or defensive. This is a brain teaser image, which puzzles the brain into revealing the truth.

Did you ever notice how people respond to your first encounter with them? 

It is the first impression you make of someone that counts, so you want to be as confident as possible. You don't always know who you are, so you must look the part.

The optical illusion image of today can reveal how others see you - confident or defensive.

American artist Tom Fritzson created this painting. The image shows a woman kneeling, but many have claimed that they see something else in the Optical Illusion image.

If you saw a woman in your first impression: You are most likely to perceive a woman as defensive if she knelt at first sight of this image. You feel worn down and need to defend yourself from dangers constantly.

At the moment, you may feel emotionally exhausted. A woman who is knelt can tell a lot about person's defensive attitude. 

This does not mean that you will never feel active. This optical illusion only tells you about your current situation.

If you first saw a skull in your first impression: It means that you are in a difficult time and facing similar situations to those you have just seen. You're looking for a solution, but you aren't able to find it. 

You can face everything right now with grace and confidence. People notice you first for your courage and willingness to fight.