Today's optical Illusion is a personality test that reveals the patience levels of those who take it. 

Below is an optical illusion image that can help determine if your personality is more cautious or relaxed. 

Look at the image below and see what you can make out in the first seven seconds.

Psychologists often use the seven-second rule in optical illusions because it states that the brain's first impression is what it perceives in seven seconds.

What do you see first?  A tree or both tree and a tiger’s face over it or just a tiger sleeping below the tree?

If you saw a tree only in your 1st impression: You are very happy and go-lucky and don't think much about anything. 

You don't worry about the future. This is what we call being carefree. However, it is possible to be truly carefree but not careless.

If you saw a tiger's image in tree in your 1st impression: You are very careful. Before starting any new task, you like to check the surroundings.

You are an optimist who sees beyond the immediate and is a planner. You are more cautious and afraid to fail.

If you saw a tiger sleeping in your 1st impression: You are waiting for a new opportunity in your life. You take life seriously and don't want to miss a chance.