Are You A Talkative Person? This Optical Illusion Has Answer

Optical illusions can give insight into our personalities. How a person thinks will determine which patterns or shapes appeal to them. 

This image will reveal the key elements of your personality, whether you are talkative or not.

If you saw the face of a woman in your 1st Impression: If you first notice a woman's facial expression, you are a talkative person. 

You are a person who does not hold onto your emotions and is best suited to jobs that require you to talk, like teaching and sales.

You are a social creature and would rather be with others than alone.

If you saw the Birds in your 1st Impression: If birds were the first thing that you saw, you are probably a person who prefers to keep your thoughts private.

You're not a great talker. You don't like to wax poetic or engage in a long monologue.

You would like to work in the arts or jobs that don't require much communication.