Today's Optical Illusion checks whether or not you are a good advisor. Psychologists and psychiatrists use these brain teasers to gain insight into patients' minds.

Below is an optical illusion image. A man or a woman playing the saxophone will look at you.

If you saw a man playing the saxophone in your first impression: If you saw a man playing the piano in your first impression, you are likely left-brained. 

This is a quality that allows you to be analytical all the time.  Because you are a method thinker, people can trust your rational advice. 

After analyzing all possibilities, you then make your point. People seeking your advice can gain a lot in the future. 

Your logic is also well-rounded, so that friends will come to you for advice. Thus you are not just a good but a great advisor.

If you saw the face of a woman in your first impression:  You are likely right-brained. This indicates that you are creative and have high emotional intelligence.

You are also highly intuitive. Therefore, you can give excellent advice based on intuition, which can help you predict the future many times. 

Your imagination can allow you to see beyond what others say and help you predict the future. People seek your wisdom because you are always willing to help.

You now know which type of advice you can best offer others. The theory states that people can use both sides of their brains.