A new optical illusion has been created to reveal who you are.

You can determine if you are a perfectionist or a naive observer by what you see in the picture below.

First, you might be able to see your lips. This means you always see the best in people and do not judge them by their value.

"You don't try to change or decipher things. You understand their true meaning."

Those Who Saw Trees In their 1st Impression: This means "you can be a perfectionist at times, but you will always seek out the best in every situation."

Although it is a sign that you "always seek out the best qualities of a person," sometimes this might make it difficult to see the bad.

Those Who Have Seen Roots In Their 1st Impression: People who see roots growing are often described as having a heart of gold.

If you see the roots “always look for a person’s best qualities but sometimes that might hinder your inability to see the negative about them.” 

The personality test was developed from the research of Hermann Rorschach (a Swiss psychiatrist who used inkblots to discover more about the "unconscious parts" of a subject's personality).