You can either be a cat or dog person. Some people have strong opinions about which four-legged friend is better.

An optical illusion can reveal your subconscious desire to be with an animal, even if you aren't sure which one you prefer.

Jackpotjoy created this image. It features two distinct profiles: one is a long-eared, two-toned spaniel and the other is a pair of cats seated next to each.

The first animal you see will reveal which creature you are most attracted to.

Jackpotjoy stated: "Psychologists have found that people who love dogs are more likely to be loyal, friendly, playful, easy-going, and easy to get along with.

They enjoy being with their loved ones and sharing the joy of companionship. They are more likely to be protective of their relationships and they are also more loving.

The dog lovers can be lonely without company. But they can see the good in everything.

However, if you first see the cats, it means: "In contrast to people who like cats, they are more goal-oriented and motivated.

They are more likely to be independent and enjoy having their own company.

"Cat people can also be very attention-seeking, but they can be leaders who are creative and always looking for the next opportunity."

Statista has provided the following chart, which shows America's most beloved pets.

No matter if you're a team dog or cat, your furry friends are an integral part of many families. We form strong emotional bonds with our pets throughout the years. See you in the next optical illusion.