Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, says that Apple's long-rumoured mixed-reality headset will be "likely released" in January 2023. It will offer a mix of virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Kuo says that the headset is the most complex product Apple has ever created but could spur "rapid growth in the head market mounted displays."

Kuo was not the first to predict when Apple's headset would be released, but his previous predictions had much longer release windows.

For example, he predicted last year that the headset might be released in 2022, which now seems unlikely. And this month, he suggested that the release could occur in the second quarter of next year.

Although Apple's plans may change or Kuo's supply chains could be incorrect, this is a strong signal of confidence by the analyst. The headset has been the subject of a lot more activity at Apple.

According to reports, the company's board of Directors tried the headset in May. Furthermore, there are mentions in Apple's code of RealityOS software and trademark applications of the headset.

In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook has teased future augmented reality announcements. Many reports have been published over the years trying to explain Apple's mysterious headset.

According to The Information, using the device as a standalone unit will be possible rather than being connected to a computer. According to a report, it could also have up to 14 cameras to track its movements.

In addition, it will reportedly be equipped with an internal processor that is similar to the M1 chips in Macs. However, when it comes down to power, it's unclear whether the battery will be worn on the user or integrated into the headset.

Kuo believes that Apple will make a huge splash in mixed reality headsets, but 9to5Mac reports that Meta, its main rival, is likely to slow down.

Kuo predicts that the company, once known as Facebook, will reduce its investment in VR hardware and instead focus on its advertising business. This is despite Meta showing off several prototypes of VR headsets it's developing.