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Apple Watch Pro To Have Satellite Connectivity? Will be a Game Changer

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If you're one of those who look up Apple Event taglines, next week's "Far Out" event is sure to feel like a space event. 

This has caused Apple forecasters to revisit theories that Apple might be developing

Satellite-based capabilities for emergency communication -and for both the iPhone and the possibly speculated Apple Watch Pro. 

As it's believed that the Apple Watch Pro is meant to be a Garmin rival, features from satellites could be a significant competitor in the multi-sport GPS watch market.

There's a lot Apple must do to be competitive in this market. Battery life that lasts long and beefing the durability are among the top priorities in the order.

The competitors include Garmin, Polar, and Coros, which can race over Apple Watch and Apple Watch in these two areas.

However, if there's a single area in which Apple already has the edge is emergency call capabilities and fall detection.

The importance of having reliable emergency communication could save the lives of adventurous adventurers. 

GPS and LTE connectivity have developed over time; however, some remote areas cannot connect to a network.

It's still a fascinating possibility considering that Apple continues to play with the battery's multi-day longevity and life.