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Apple Watch Pro Cases And Drawings Hint At Extra Button (Leak)

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And now, just 24 hours from the official unveiling, the Apple Watch Pro has been captured in CAD-based renderings. 

There are rumours that it will sport a 47 or 49-millimetre case and a 2" display, which is said to be flat to protect the device from impacts.

It's because, as theories suggest, this device is targeted at competing with Garmin's models as an accessory for athletes and those who enjoy outdoor activities. 

This is why it's bigger and, presumably, more rugged. There's even an additional button to the left; however, it's not clear what it's used for.

The larger size allows the use of a larger battery, and based on leaks from the past; this Watch Pro will have a titanium case and the option of a low-power mode. 

This could be costly, but the reported price for this smartwatch ranges from $900 and $1,000.