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Apple Watch Pro To Launch On September 7: Confirmed

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As you are already aware, Apple will reveal new models of iPhones at a special event on September 7; 

However, several analysts in the industry believe that a wearable device will also be unveiled along with these phones.

The Apple Watch Pro is expected to be a bit different from the standard Apple Watch

It will be more expensive and sport a distinct style and a significantly larger screen.

According to an analysis of the supply chain, it will sport a flat-screen design and very subtle curvature toward the edges. 

This in itself could also be flat. If this is true, this is the case; this Watch Pro will align with the present iPhone design style, with flat sides.

The casing is expected to measure 47mm, and house the 1.99-inch display, much larger than the present 1.77-inch screen on the Watch Series 7.

We may learn more about the wearable in the next week or two before a "Far Out" event; however, for the moment, Apple is keeping a close watch on its wearable.