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Apple To Fire Employee Over Viral TikTok Video

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Apple threatened to fire an employee who revealed a TikTok tip about basic iPhone security. 

The worker, Paris Campbell, replied to a viral video highlighting her iPhone's theft.  Note: Tiktok Video is given at the end

Apple's code prohibits employees from posting information about customers or confidential information.

The company doesn't prohibit employees from sharing basic technical information.

The Verge reviewed Apple's social media policy and found that employees can express themselves but should also respect others in their posts, tweets and other online communications.

She did not reveal any security tips beyond Apple's code. 

According to reports, she was told to delete the video or face disciplinary actions "up to and including termination."

Campbell posted another video, "Dear Apple", shortly after the warning. 

She stated that she had never identified herself as an Apple employee before this video. 

It's funny, but after looking at the social media policies,

It doesn't say that I can't publicly identify myself as an Apple employee, only that I shouldn't do so in such a manner that makes the company look bad.

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