Apple Online Store is currently unavailable in the US. However, details are not available.

Apple Online Store is currently down for US customers. A placeholder states that the company is updating its website. The reasons for this are not clear at the moment.

Apple does not provide any details on these updates, but the Apple Online Store may be launching M2 MacBook Air preorders.

Before launching new products, the company will usually take its website offline. The launch of new products is often on Fridays, which is quite interesting.

Apple stated that the new M2 MacBook Air would be available in stores by July. According to a recent report, the new MacBook Air sales will begin on July 15.

Preorders for the model are likely to go live sooner than that. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro arrived in stores last week. It also features the M2 chip.

No rumors have been made about the possibility of other products being released shortly.

These updates to Apple Online Store could be internal improvements to existing or new products. After the website goes back online, we will know for certain.

However, it is worth noting that the US Apple Online Store remains unavailable now.

Customers in other countries can still access the Apple Store via their official website or app. Once the Apple Store is back, you can access it here.