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Apple Sued By French iOS App Developers Over App Store Fees

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The same law firm representing U.S. iOS developers against Apple's App Store Fees represents a class action suit in France for the same issue.

American law firm Hagens Berman hopes to achieve the same result for French developers after it forced Apple to modify its App Store conditions. 

Apple settled for $100 million in the U.S., which allowed developers to have more significant contact with their customers.

In a statement we saw, Steve Berman, Hagens Berman's managing partner, stated, "We're fresh from the heels of our hard-won settlement with Apple." 

"Our firm is pleased to see iOS developers in other countries seeking the same justice we achieved for U.S. developers."

He said, "We believe that they have also been wrongfully subjected to the stifling policies of Apple's App store," and "and we intend to hold Apple to the Law."

Hagens Berman has filed a new antitrust suit in California with Fayrouze Masmii-Dazi, a Paris-based lawyer representing Le GESTE.

Fayrouze MasmiDazi stated that Apple's restrictions and policies pose critical problems for all iOS developers who use the App Store. "To a global problem, there will be a global solution."

Masami-Dazi continued, "I believe that we can build solid bridges to conceive impactful actions," he said. "We will leave no room for impunity."

Hagens Berman has a long track record of successfully bringing suits against Apple. For example, the legal team won the 2016 iBooks suit.