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Apple Explains In A Video Why iPhone Cases Are A Waste Of Money

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Have you ever observed the Apple senior executive wrapping their iPhone in an enclosure? You haven't. 

Then why do people do that? To explain apple lovers, The company has launched an advertisement to help you get yourself off your non-aesthetic anti-aesthetic habits.

What video is about? The iPhone 13 is perched on the table's edge. It is not protected by a case. It starts to sound. Skip few slides to watch the video.

You've seen what happens when an iPhone placed on a solid surface rings upon vibrating, don't you? It vibrates. 

It starts to move like a salad spinner when you let it spin on your kitchen counter.

In this case, however, you're aware of what's about to occur. The evocative music guides you get through the day.

Do we know what condition it is in when it hits the floor? We don't. 

"iPhone 13 with Ceramic Shield. Tougher than any smartphone glass. Relax, it's iPhone," says Apple.

Video Credits: Apple (YouTube)