Apple's Dynamic Island: Let's Talk About This

Apple converted notch into Dynamic Island and presented it to you as a new feature in iPhone 14 Pro. 

It is a contextual box that wraps around the phone's notched display. Dynamic Island allows you to

Toggle DND, monitor the length and life of your calls, view your AirPods' battery life, and even display a score.

It is an integral part of Apple's design language. It was impossible to reduce the number of buttons and sensors on an iPhone five years ago.

Apple failed to follow its advice and make this notch more usable. Apple has also restored the indicator of battery percentage with iOS 16. 

Although Dynamic Island won't fix the original notch problem, it does suggest that Apple realizes that 

We want this stuff and doesn't want to have the user navigate the phone's UI like a wizard to find it. 

The Dynamic Island almost feels like a distorted notch. Apple isn't dancing around the black part at the top of its phone.

Instead, it is expanding and morphing to address the problems that the notch created.