Apple Confirms iOS 16 Bug Impacting New Device Activation On iPhone 14

Apple confirmed that activating new iPhones might encounter issues with the initial setup. Apple said the case is being investigated.

Apple claims that there is an issue with iOS 16 that could affect device activations over open Wi-Fi networks.

Apple advises customers to select "Connect to Mac" or "Connect to a Computer with iTunes" during the initial iOS onboarding process. 

After connecting to Wi-Fi networks, they should return to the previous screen to try again until activation succeeds.

New iPhone 14 customers can download an iOS 16.0.1 update to fix an issue during activation and migration.

You may have to reset your iPhone 14 with an Apple Mac or Windows computer to iOS 16.0.1 if you have trouble activating it. 

Apple advises iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro customers to update their iPhones to iOS 16.0.1 before FaceTime and iMessage can be activated.