Apple Car Latest Design Details Revealed 8 Years After Its Inception

Apple's efforts to develop a self-driving vehicle have been extremely difficult and challenging. The Information today published a detailed chronology of the progress of the project. 

Anyone following Project Titan over time will recognize some familiar themes, such as a rotating door of leadership and high turnover within the team. 

There are also shifting goalposts about what Apple is trying to achieve with great effort. The report does more than just recount the history of the project and its failures.

Some interesting details are also revealed in the Information. Project Titan is being criticized by Craig Federighi (Apple's chief software executive and key executive). 

It's been mocked by other Apple departments due to its setbacks and failures. Apple's software problems are not unique. 

The Information claims that Apple has often been accused of falling into the "demoware" trap. 

The Information reports that Apple's test vehicles have performed well on predetermined routes but then run into difficulties when they navigate unfamiliar territory. 

The backup driver is constantly in control. The report includes a disturbing incident earlier this year when a jogger was crossing the street. 

Instead of stopping to allow the pedestrian to cross the street, the vehicle "only slightly adjusted its course," which required its backup driver to apply the brakes to avoid a collision. 

Apple stated that the car would have likely struck the jogger without the intervention of the human driver. Near accidents are common for anyone trying to advance the self-driving vehicle category. 

However, Apple's setbacks have been made worse due to the frequent departure of executives who have managed Titan's direction at some point. 

Doug Field's departure last year was the biggest blow. More recently, Ian Goodfellow, the machine learning director, left the company because of its return-to-office policies. 

Kevin Lynch, who was previously responsible for the creation of watchOS, is now in charge of Project Titan.

The future Apple Car is expected to have futuristic exterior and interior design. 

Apple is apparently trying to get approval from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to build a car that doesn't have a traditional brake pedal or steering wheel. 

Jony Ive, a long-time Apple designer, advised Project Titan to "lean into" the strangeness of the vehicle's design and not hide its sensors.

According to The Information, the current design has "four seats that face inward, so passengers can talk to each other and a curving ceiling similar to the roof on a Volkswagen Beetle." 

The company's designers have also discussed large displays that rise from the back of those seats and automatically lower when they're not in use. 

The next generation of CarPlay that Apple announced at WWDC may be a preview of what you'll see on those screens.

Rumors suggest that Apple plans to launch its self-driving vehicle in 2025. According to reports, the company is looking at ways to conceal a nearly final design of its vehicle, so it can be tested on public roads in the next year.

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