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Tim Cook Unveils Apple Car - Video

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Apple's interest in a car goes back to before the launch of the iPhone.

Apple executives had discussed the possibility of building a car before the iPhone's launch.

Steve Jobs was open to the idea of developing an Apple car. He met with the light, affordable "V-Vehicle" maker in 2010.

Apple is now confident that the iPhone is the most profitable Apple device. 

The company is exploring other avenues for research and development, including a possible car-related project, 'Project Titan.'

See the official announcement video of Tim Cook launching Apple Car in the next slide.

Do You Know: An Apple employee sent Business Insider an email a year or two ago claiming that Apple was working on a project which would "give Tesla a run for their money."

According to a source, Tesla employees "jumped ship" to take on an Apple project that was "too exciting for them to miss."

Apple's most immense undertaking, "Apple Car," maybe its most secretive project yet.

Check out some of the best concept Apple Car made by some of the best designers till now.