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Antitrust Case Against Apple: Feds Are Reportedly Preparing For It

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The most important tech antitrust lawsuits have been concentrated upon Facebook and Google; however, Apple is likely to join the ranks.

Politico reports that the Department of Justice is in the beginning stages of writing an antitrust suit against Apple,

Claiming that Apple "abused the power of its markets to suppress smaller tech companies like apps developers as well as rival hardware manufacturers."

This would be the first case of this kind against Apple by a US Federal agency.

Still, European Antitrust authorities have filed similar complaints about its App Store charges and how it handles tapping-to-pay technology.

Politico clarifies that Justice Department has not yet decided to take any actions against Apple as of yet.

If Justice Department continues the case, it could take years before it's officially filed.

The move to prepare for the trial indicates that it's a strenuous effort and allows Apple to worry about going forward.