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Anti-Gravity Optical Illusion: Ever Seen Anything Like This?

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Anti-Gravity Optical Illusion

Credits: StarDuck

Let's see what this is, how it works, what people says about this and the secret behind this

The optical illusion is that you notice a metal ball moving up the hills. However, it can instantly move uphill, despite gravity's laws.

The slide was 3D printed, but what exactly did YouTuber StruckDuck make of it? Are you able to tell?

Although the slide could appear 3D with illusions, you must understand that angles are essential.

If you are watching toward the final part of the video, the viewer will be able to see the camera angle change to reveal that the slide is flat and inclined. 

This means that the ball travels in a straight line while the angle merely creates the illusion that the ball is moving upwards instead of downwards.

People were spouting about it, one commenter declaring it "sneaky" and others calling this "magic," "clever," and "cool."

"That is a PERFECTLY created illusion that is lined up," said one illusion fan, while another added: "bro, that's trippy."

Some were tricked by one user saying: "I thought it's a steeper slope, but I'm not sure."