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Anti-big Bang Theory: Scientists Face Censorship By International Journals

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Scientists worldwide, including in India, are fighting to discredit the Big Bang theory of Cosmology.

Peer-to-peer international journals are censoring the reputed scientists and researchers.

Twenty-four astronomers, physicists and others from 10 countries, including India, are protesting arXiv's censorship against critical papers on the Big Bang hypothesis. 

Redshift data from the galaxy-quasar couple confirms the periodicity of redshifts which is contrary to the Big Bang theory. 

Arindam Mal, Prof Roy and Sarbani Palit, both of the Indian Space Research Organisation, Ahmedabad, had difficulty getting their research paper titled

'Redshift Pericity and Its Significance For Recent Observation,' which contradicts the Big Bang Hypothesis, published in peer-reviewed journals such as Astronomy Journal, Monthly Notices of The Royal Astronomical Society, etc.

Emil Wolf, University of Rochester, USA, has clearly shown that the frequency shift of light can occur without the relative motion of both the source and the observer. 

This paper was submitted to several international journals but was not subject to any review.

The Cornell University archive support team rejected the publication of our paper when we attempted to publish it by giving baseless and peculiar reasons.