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Google SVP Confirms Android 14 Will Support Satellite Connectivity

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The information comes straight out of the mouth of Hiroshi Lockheimer, 

SVP at Google, which suggests an intriguing direction for the world of smartphones.

Conversations have begun concerning satellite communications in the past week or so,

Following Elon Musk's SpaceX partnership with T-Mobile to launch a new connectivity program with its technology.

It appears that Google is taking the lead in this regard. This will not alter how we use our phones, except in highly remote scenarios in which connectivity is poor.

Regular signals could be backed with satellite comms to allow you to call and send messages as you want.

If the feature makes it to Android 14, we're in the latter half of 2023 when it's even in the majority of phones, and this is likely to be something to watch out for over the next few months.