An optical illusion that makes celebrities appear alien-like and contorted creates a mind-boggling illusion.

A TikToker with the username professoramx shared the trick in a TikTok video. It requires that you stare at a cross between two faces.

This puts the A-listers, including billionaire Elon Musk, British actor Daniel Kaluuya and many more in your peripheral vision.

"I want to ask you to focus on the plus sign at the center of the two faces. All you need to do is focus your attention on that".

"As soon as you allow your eyes to rest, the faces to the left and right will begin deforming into trippy alien-looking figures."

According to TikToker, the illusion is caused by the "Flashed Face Distortion effect."

This is a well-known visual effect that occurs when people's faces are presented at a rapid rate in their peripheral vision.

Celebrities To Aliens

Research has repeatedly shown that this makes people around you look more grotesque.

Researchers says, "our brain compensates for the loss of visual information by filling out facial features."