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An Award-Winning Film Created By Artificial Intelligence

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If you're impressed with the new wave of text-to-image generators, prepare to take the next step in AI art: text-to-video. 

Although the enormous computational costs and the scarcity of video-to-text datasets have slowed the growth of this technique, 

The latest research brings this promise closer to becoming a reality.

A computer artist named Glenn Marshall has given a glimpse of the possibilities.

The Belfast-based composer recently received Jury Award at the Cannes Short Film Festival for his AI film 'The Crow'.

Shortly, Marshall wants to add 3D animation to his AI-generated works. Marshall is also researching CLIP-guided movie generation, 

Which could include precise text-based directions like specific camera actions. 

Most Liked comment was "AI is on the way, and you'll be in a different job very soon, or even removed from a job altogether."

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