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Amber Heard ‘Lying Her Entire Life’, Therapist Comes Out

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A professional psychotherapist recently criticized Amber Heard for her alleged egoism. 

The psychotherapist claimed that she had lied all her life.

Angelica, a psychotherapist from YouTube's Rise Beyond Abuse, made this claim.

She addressed Amber Heard's public behavior and claimed, "What I have observed throughout this trial is the symptoms of selfish personality disorder." 

I accept the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

"She says that she will not recant her testimony until she dies. The problem with egoists is that they lie. The motto of the egotist is "Lie till you die."

It has been her lifestyle since an early age. She lies as one of her defense mechanisms. 

She was subject to emotional and physical abuse that led her to become what she is today.

She also claimed that lying is second nature to her and a way of living. She has lied throughout the whole trial. Many of us, survivors of domestic violence, agree with that statement."