Amber Heard Declares Bankruptcy After Johnny Depp Trial Verdict

Amber Heard filed for bankruptcy, reportedly after she failed to pay Johnny Depp's defamation settlement.

Unknown to many, Amber's legal team previously discussed the Aquaman star's financial issues and raised concerns about Amber's ability to repay her ex-husband $10 million.

She also made another legal splash before calling it quits. 

In the eyes of the public, the appeal for a retrial was 'foolish.' 

This is primarily because the actor claimed that the court had made mistakes that prevented a fair, First Amendment-compliant verdict. Therefore, We re-appeal the verdict.

Marca claims that Amber filed for bankruptcy before July 21st. 

She appealed to the court regarding her financial state and accepted the settlement payment.

She seeks for nullity of the whole judgment due to her inability to raise sufficient funds.