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Amazon Pauses User Reviews To Protect The Rings Of Power From Trolls

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Amazon is reportedly putting in an additional three days of delay on user reviews for all its content available on Prime Video,

Including the recently released The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. 

As per reports in Variety and Deadline, The delay is designed to stop review bombing,

Which is the practice of flooding a specific show or game, film, or even a book review.

An Amazon spokesperson told reporters that the company introduced the policy to allow the service to determine

Whether a review is from a real user - not an automated or troll trying to sabotage this section of reviews. 

Amazon announced the policy in July and was first introduced with the revival of A League of Their Own, a battle with reviewers who disapproved of the show's political views.

Unfortunately, the Rings of Power is facing an equal amount of negative reviews, including certain users focusing on the inclusion of actors from marginalized backgrounds.