Amazon announced today the launch of CodeWhisperer. This AI pair programming tool is similar to GitHub's Copilot. 

However, it can automatically complete entire functions based only on a comment or a few keystrokes. The system currently supports JavaScript, JavaScript, and Python. 

Amazon trained it on billions of lines of open-source code, its codebase, and publicly accessible documentation. The preview version of it is now part of the AWS IDE toolkit. 

This means developers can use it immediately within their preferred IDEs, including Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ IDEA. In addition, the AWS Lambda Console will also be supported shortly.

Vasi Philomin (Amazon's Vice President in Charge of Its AI Services) stressed that this company did not create it to sell a copy of Copilot. 

He noted that with CodeGuru, its AI code reviewer and performance profiler, and DevOps Guru, its tool for finding operation issues, the company laid the groundwork for today’s launch quite a few years ago.

Philomin stated that technology is at the point where it feels right to do it. It fits in nicely with all the other pieces they have. It has been a long journey, and we have just done different parts at different points.

Amazon is currently testing the service internally with a limited number of developers, mostly to keep the announcement secret.

The company says that the system constantly examines your code and comments and even considers your coding style and variable name. It will then create its code snippets by using this context information and the location of your cursor.

CodeWhisperer is different than Copilot. 

First, although most of the code generated by the system is new, when it generates code close to a snippet of code in its training data, it will highlight that fact and the license for that function.

The developer can then decide whether or not to use it. This should help to alleviate some copyright concerns, though not all.