Amazon CEO: No Plan To Force Workers To Return To Office

Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO, said that the company does not plan to require corporate employees to return to office physically. 

Jassy stated on Wednesday at the Code Conference Los Angeles that "we don't have any plan to require people back to office.

We'll learn as we go. Jassy stated Wednesday that most employees are now working remotely and have returned to their physical offices. 

He said that specific teams, such as those in the creative or hardware areas, tend to be more frequently at work, 

While others (such as engineers) continue to work remotely. Jassy stated, "I think there are some things which are harder to do remotely."

Amazon's position regarding remote work is different from that of some of its tech peers.

In April, Google required that all employees return to their physical offices at least three times per week.

This has caused some resistance from workers who are opposed to the mandate. 

However, Apple told its employees that they would be required to return to the office thrice weekly.