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Alert: Apple Warns Of Security Flaws In iPhones, iPads And Macs

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Apple has warned its users about flaws in its software that could allow hackers to gain complete control over any device they target.

Apple has stated that it is aware of reports that the issue could have been exploited but didn't elaborate on how many people were affected.

Both bugs exist in WebKit, Apple's browser engine that powers Safari.

If the device has access to or processed "maliciously constructed web content [that] could lead to arbitrary code execution," one bug could be exploited.

Apple's support page stated that malicious actors might be able "to execute arbitrary code using kernel privileges," which grants full access to the device.

Security experts advise users to update all devices that may be affected, including iPhones 6S and higher, Mac computers running MacOS Monterey and some iPod models.

Rachel Tobac, CEO at SocialProof Security, tweeted that journalists and activists are the most vulnerable to being hacked.