Artificial Intelligence Will Destroy Humanity, Google Deepmind Paper Says

AI has been a long-term development process. It now drives cars on public roads and makes life-changing assessments for prisoners. 

The long-standing question is whether superintelligent AI could destroy humanity?

Researchers from Oxford, Google DeepMind, and others have concluded that this possibility is "likely" in their new research.

The paper was published in the peer-reviewed AI Magazine last month.

It is fascinating and attempts to understand how artificial intelligence might pose an existential threat to humanity.

According to the paper, life on Earth will become a zero-sum game. Humanity would need to grow food and keep the lights on.

The super-advanced computer would seek to harness all resources available to ensure its reward.

This would also protect us from our growing attempts to stop it. 

According to the paper, "Losing that game would be fatal."

These possibilities are theoretical, but they suggest that we should move slowly towards the goal of more powerful AI.

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