7 AI Startups That Stand Out In 2022 YC’s Summer Batch

Y Combinator (YC) hosted a demo for its 2022 Summer Cohort, the 35th demo day in the incubator's history. 

The day featured founders from 30 different countries and startups from various sectors, including healthcare and fintech. 

There were many compelling pitches. Due to economic headwinds, YC cut the batch size from 400 to 250 companies to increase competition.

One category of startups stood out, though: those that use AI and machine learning to solve business-to-business problems.

There were only 14 startups this year, compared to 20 the previous year. This makes sense since the overall cohort is smaller. 

Let's take a look at top 7 artificial intelligence startups that uses AI and stand out in 2022 YCombinator Summer Batch

1.Pilot AI 2. Typewise 3. Monterey AI 4. Dev Tools AI 5. Maya Labs 6. Say Hello So 7. NuMind