After Killing Internet Forums, Discord Is Bringing Them Back

Years after putting the final nail in the coffin of online forums,

Discord is bringing them back with its own version of organized discussion called Forum Channels. 

Discord says that the feature will be available on servers immediately. "Keep an eye out" for updates.

Forum channels are the most well-known functions of forums (topics, posts, and comments), adapted to Discord's existing server environment. 

Administrators can create forums channels with specific issues (like "tacos"), which appear in the navigation bar to the left where voice and text channels live. 

You can click into any forum channel to see a list with larger, more boxy posts and bolded titles by users. 

You'll find what looks like an old-fashioned forum post when you click on it: an OP with chronological comments.

Discord explains that Forum Channels help "help your community server have organized, meaningful conversations without drowning out each other."