Capitalism thrives on content. The economy is built around content creators and social media content churning.

Globally, there's more content being released every second than any person could consume in their lifetime if they spend their entire waking hour staring at the screen.

The average person is exposed to as many scrolls as possible. Brands have found other ways to grab attention to compete for customers' attention.

Pop-ups on 90s sites and mobile apps are all options. You will never miss an ad-free moment on your smartphone.

How revenue is generated allows you to continue enjoying free subscriptions to your favourite apps and websites.

You might be wrong to assume that the constant content stream is restricted to your in-app dash.

The 'Lock Screen', the only calm and serene space on your device, is where ads can be displayed along with different content.

InMobi subsidiary Glance is ready to take control of your lock screen. This seems like a good idea at first glance. One can see all information on the lockscreen without touching the device.

InMobi partners with manufacturers such as Samsun and Xiaomi and investors such as Peter Theil and Google!

Glance estimates that the average person views 9-10 videos before unlocking their phone.

Glance isn't the only company trying to encroach on your lock screen; there are many other manufacturers, advertisers, and makers.

Apple, Amazon Prime, and others have created lock screens and content models. You might soon see news flash, match highlights, trailers and match highlights on your lockscreen. And you may have to pay more to get rid of it.