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A Robot Broke Kid‘s Finger At Chess Tournament In Moscow 

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The seven-year-old Chess player was injured by a robot during the Moscow Chess Open, which was held in Moscow from July 13 through July 21. 

The boy, a player in the Russian Chess Federation's junior league, was about to have an item taken by the Robot and was quick to make the next move.

This was in violation of safety guidelines, according to the reports.  Skip few slides to see the video.

The Robot, whether it was not fully moved or misreading the circumstances, was able to move in and struck the finger of the player, causing fractures, according to Russian news channel TASS. 

The boy was able to complete the last few days of the tournament with an arm cast, but his parents are said to be in contact with authorities in the area to file charges.

Video footage from inside the event venue was captured through the Russian news channel Baza and is now being circulated via Twitter. 

Video Footage