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A Man Who Lost $176 Million Worth Of Bitcoin In A Dump Is Using Robot Dogs To Get It Back

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James Howells, the man who made headlines after he lost 8,000 bitcoins on a hard drive that he accidentally threw away, has a master plan to get his cryptocurrency back.

In 2013, Howells disposed of the hard drive that contained the bitcoins. It was eventually disposed of in Newport, Wales.

Reporters spoke with Howells about his $11 million business plan to recover the hard disk. 

Its value is approximately $176 million as of the time of writing. However, bitcoin's value can fluctuate.

Howells told a reporter that he had a plan to pay for two robots "Spot" dogs made by Boston Dynamics.

The Spot robot by Boston Dynamics was first commercially available in June 2020. It costs $74,500 per unit.

Spot has been used since then to scan construction projects, herd sheep, and patrol parks in Singapore to enforce Social Distancing.

Howells told a reporter that the robots would be used for security and scanning the ground in search of his hard drive.

He stated that the project would require two dogs so that one could be on patrol and the other could charge the battery.

Howells stated that if the project goes ahead, he would love to call the robot dogs "Satoshi" and "Hal."

Howells told the reporter that he had the assistance of two expert advisors to create his plan and received funding from two venture capitalists. 

Since 2013, the council has denied Howells the landfill access, and his chances of getting it are slim.

Reporters were told by a spokesperson for the council that there is nothing Mr. Howells can present to us that would convince the council to allow him to access the site.

They added, "His proposals present significant ecological risk, which is unacceptable, and we are indeed prevented from considering them by the terms of our permits."