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A Company Called Meta Is Suing Meta For Naming Itself Meta

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If Facebook switched its name to Meta on October 1, there were a few questions about whether the company was looking to be the dominant player in the metaverse's nascent stage. 

However, there's an aggrieved party who's just making it publicly.

A company for installation art known as META (or Meta. is) announced on Tuesday that it would sue Meta (or Facebook) for trademark violations, claiming that the name change by Zuckerberg was in violation of the established brand of the smaller business.

"On October 28, 2021, Facebook took our META trademark and brand name, and we have put our sweat, blood, and tears into over the past 12 decades," according to a statement on the site of the company's smaller counterpart. 

"Today, after eight months of trying to negotiate with Facebook in good faith to no avail, we were left with no choice but to file a lawsuit against them."

Meta. is has a valid trademark for the name but could remain in the middle of a fight in court due to the variety of trademarks Facebook has implemented following the name changes made legal -- which includes separate brands for social media, messaging, and financial services. 

There are also various trademarks claiming the Meta name for non-tech items, such as a hard seltzer and a manufacturer of prosthetic legs.