This clever optical illusion shows how easily you can be distracted.

According to the creator and optical illusion expert, only 1% can look at a flashing dot for long enough to be classified as having an "extraordinary attention span".

You will need to look at the dot in the middle. It has three yellow dots surrounding it, which can disappear differently depending on how attentive you are.

Slowly, they should disappear from your consciousness one at a time. If you allow your eyes to wander, the effect can be broken, and the dots reappear.

Experts say, "If you can't make just one or two spots disappear, you're likely easily distracted and find focusing difficult for long periods."

"If you can make them disappear, you have a normal attention span."

"And if they all disappear for five to ten seconds, which is less than 1% of people can do," then you probably have an exceptional attention span.

He suggests that ADHD may be diagnosed if the dots don't disappear for you. ADHD can make it difficult to concentrate on tasks, which is not scientifically proven. It's just a claim.