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9 Apps That Let You Use Your Smartphone in Incredible Ways

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The Google Play Store And Apple App Store has millions of apps, some of which allow you to use your smartphone in new ways you may not have imagined.

There are so many apps that you can explore; it's easy to overlook some of the best.

Your smartphone is used for daily activities such as calling, messaging and browsing social media.

However, there are more unique ways of using your device with the help of some rather unusual apps. Let's see all of them.

1. Bedtime Stories For Adults - Listen to a Bedtime Story to Help You Sleep

2. Fake Call - Get Out of Difficult Situations Using a Fake Call

3. FunPee - Find the Ideal Time to Use the Restroom During a Movie

4. SplitCloud - Play Two Songs at Once for You and Your Friend

5. Hermit - Turn Any Website Into a Mini App