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8 Hidden Gems On Netflix That You May Not Be Watching But You Should

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The following list of movies in the upcoming slides is entirely personal. A man's favourite is another person's tough pass. 

However, one thing we can affirm about the Netflix films and series included in this list is that they've earned praise from critics. 

Along with the admiration of the dedicated fans who've been singing lots of their praises to drum more attention.

From crime-themed dramas to captivating documentaries, there is something for everyone.

1. The Billion Dollar Code

2. Vendetta: Truth, Lies, and the Mafia

3. Snabba Cash (Season 2 of this Netflix series coming soon in the US) Watch Series one if you haven't

4. Suburra: Blood on Rome

5. Teenage Bounty Hunters

6. Kodachrome

7. Lords of Scam